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illinois Developmental 
Therapy Association

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Advancing the Excellence, Education and Ethical Standards of the Developmental Therapist



Our association was formed to bring together as a cohesive group all practitioners of our profession. The Illinois Developmental Therapy Association strives to unite developmental therapists together to define and clarify our scope of practice, legitimize our practice, and provide a standard of excellence for our practice. The association aims to support our professional members as a group with shared resources, provide continuing education conferences/workshops, advocate for rights (state & local agencies) and work with affiliates and universities toward accreditation and state licensure.

More specific member activities include the following:

  • Monitoring and disseminating clear and accurate information about administrative policies and procedures at the state level

  • Clarification of "DT" role and parameters within the EI system

  • Advocacy for rights and appropriate billable rates

  • Peer Support and networking (e.g. sharing of information such as therapy practices and report writing, monthly forums in which home-based therapists can access emotional support for difficult cases)

  • Continuing Education and access to specialized workshops in other areas of expertise under the "EI umbrella"

  • State Licensure

  • Opportunity for clinical experience and supervisory experience

  • Disseminate public awareness of the role and benefits of the developmental therapist and support the values of our field

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