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Advancing the Excellence, Education and Ethical Standards of the Developmental Therapist

IDTA Committee Descriptions

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is dedicated to serving the needs of its members and will focus on the following activities:

• maintain an active record of members

• maintain an active program for the recruitment of new members

• identify and study problems in the requirement of new members and retention of current members.


Continuing Education

The role of the Continuing Education Committee is to encourage professional development on an ongoing basis. We strive to provide programs of general interest to members of IDTA, to promote and facilitate the continued development of members of IDTA, and to ensure the highest quality for IDTA training programs and educational opportunities for Developmental Therapists.

The committee has set specific objectives to guide it towards its goal that include:

  • Identifying and promoting new educational programs
  • Monitoring the quality of courses presented under the auspices of the committee
  • Working with other committees to periodically assess the member’s needs for continuing education


Reflective Practice Committee

The Reflective Practice Committee will focus on the following activities:

  • create meaningful and engaging reflective practice groups for DTs via Go To Webinar


Publications Committee

The role of the Publications Committee will be to provide an IDTA newsletter and bring publications and articles of interest to its members.


Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is committed to providing information to members about current and proposed legislation and other state/agency news and advocate for the rights of IDTA members. This includes:

  • developing a legislative program under the direction of the Executive Committee or the General membership;
  • disseminating current information pertinent to national and state and local legislative programs;
  • developing a political action network;
  • periodically surveying the needs to the membership to assess their priorities; and
  • working as a liaison with various local, state and federal agencies.


Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is focused on researching and working toward State Licensure for Developmental Therapists. This includes:

  • Determining State requirements for Licensure as an independent discipline and fulfilling necessary requisites, terms, conditions, and stipulations to establish DT licensure for the State of Illinois.
  • Drafting an appropriate accreditation curriculum.
  • Making professional contacts to assist in the process of establishing an appropriate accreditation curriculum and program.
  • Collaborating with Illinois Colleges/Universities to incorporate the Developmental Therapist Program into their offered degrees and coursework.
  • Reporting to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on the progress of the committee and for approval and concurrence on all activities and endeavors prior to implementation of any plan of action.

It is the intent of the Illinois Developmental Therapy Association that Developmental Therapists be universally recognized as highly qualified specialists who have met uniform standards of professional post-baccalaureate education, and that the credentials conferred by IDTA will assure the public and other professionals of the competence, integrity, and professionalism of Board-Certified Developmental Therapists.



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