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Advancing the Excellence, Education and Ethical Standards of the Developmental Therapist

Benefits of Membership

The IDTA is dedicated to the professional advancement and growth of its individual members and the enhancement of the practice of the developmental therapy. Join the IDTA and enjoy access to the resources and information you need to stay up to date on the latest developments and issues in the field. As an IDTA member you'll be able to take advantage of these valuable benefits:


Virtual Webinars

The IDTA is proud to bring our members free access to our live virtual webinars. As a paid member you will have the opportunity to register for these high quality webinars presented online by experts in the field of early intervention. Early Intervention Credit will be offered for attendance at the live virtual webinars. A great way to earn your Early Intervention Credit hours for free!

Discounted Continuing Education Opportunities

The IDTA is committed to the professional growth and excellence of all developmental therapists in the field. Receive notices of continuing education opportunities that fit  your skill level and needs so that you can continue to expand your knowledge base and continue to help others by being at the forefront of your field. 

An Exclusive Member Profile

Build your own member profile where you can share your expertise and areas of interest with other colleagues and families seeking the services you provide.

Access to the IDTA Members Directory

Search for other DT colleagues to collaborate with, do reflective case consultation with or to seek mentorship from.

Professional Liability Insurance Discount

As a member of the IDTA you are eligible for a significant discount on the purchase of professional liability insurance that has been specifically designed for the developmental therapist and our unique scope of practice. Done are the days when you have to request an addendum be made to add the title of Developmental Therapist to your policy because they don't have a policy for DT. Additional discounts available for new grads and newly credentialed Developmental Therapists keeping your overhead costs of getting started in the field low.

TradeGate Finance, Inc. purchases invoices, at a discount, for immediate cash.

When a small company has accounts receivables, it can take weeks, or even months to see any of that money. TradeGate Finance can purchase those receivables, at a predetermined price, giving you CASH for your invoices right away.‚Äč

If you have any more questions, please become a member and find out more.

Access to Members Only Employment Opportunities

Are you a new grad or newly credentialed DT? Seeking to advance your career and are looking to find a position in the field of developmental therapy? The IDTA can help you match up with those seeking to employ developmental therapists on their staff

Access to Members Only Facebook Page

Have a particular question about a particular subject matter? Need advice on administrative policies? Stay up to date with the latest topics and concerns in the field.  Consult with your DT colleagues via our own members only discussion forum on Facebook.

Brookes Publishing Product Discounts

Brookes Publishing strives to be recognized as the leading and most trusted publisher in the fields they help advance, partnering with top experts to deliver relevant, high quality, research-backed content in optimal form and price for their customers. As a member of the IDTA you get an exclusive discount on the purchase of products from Brookes Publishing. 


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