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illinois Developmental 
Therapy Association

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Advancing the Excellence, Education and Ethical Standards of the Developmental Therapist


Join the IDTA Today and Begin Receiving all the Great 

Benefits of Membership! 

Become part of the community of 

Developmental Therapists dedicated to providing 

the highest quality services children with differing 

needs and their families.


Eligibility: Those eligible for full membership status must have a current active/full Developmental Therapy (DT) Credential. Previous student membership in the IDTA is neither a necessity nor a sufficient condition or qualification for full DT membership the IDTA. Those who have previously have held a student membership and have completed an approved education program and are currently credentialed as a DT must upgrade their IDTA membership from a student membership to full membership at the time of credentialing. Proof of credentialing may be required and verified of all applicants prior to receiving full membership in the IDTA.

Dues: $150 per year  $250 for 2 years 



The Career Path DT Membership is for folks who already have a degree and are looking to fulfill the DT Credentialling process.  This membership includes all of the benefits of Supporter + FREE Access to Webinars and Reflective Practice, Members ONLY Facebook page, and Discounted Conference entry.  Once you are approved in Provider Connections with a credential number, you will receive full website access with additional perks until membership renewal date.  At the time of renewal, you would upgrade to the full membership price for either a one-year or two-year commitment.

DUES:  $90.00 per year




Those eligible for student membership status must be enrolled in an approved collegiate program. Upon completion of the program the student will attain the appropriate degree to become credentialed as a Developmental Therapist. Those applying for student membership must provide proof of enrollment in said collegiate program in the form of a current curriculum and/or a letter from a professor indicating the type of program the student is enrolled in along with potential completion/graduation of said program will be. Upon receipt and review of the required documentation, student membership will be finalized and approved. Upon completion of an approved educational program and obtaining a credential as a DT, the student must upgrade from a student membership to a full membership at the time of credentialing.  The Student Membership receives all the benefits of The Supporter Membership + Members Only Facebook page access and Discounted Conference Entry.  

Dues $50.00 per year  



This membership is for anyone interested in supporting the IDTA.  This may include but is not limited to: service coordinators, other EI providers, families, parents/caregivers, former providers, retired DTs no longer practicing, friends, business owners, companies and anyone else who would like to share their love and support for all things related to IDTA.  With this membership/contirbution you will receive the IDTA e-newsletter, including updates from the field, notifications of upcoming events and webinars and the latest and greatest accomplishments and collaborations from the IDTA.  We appreciate your support and commitment to the IDTA, THANK YOU!

Dues: $25.00 per year



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