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Season of Change

Saturday, August 15, 2020 12:01 PM | Jennifer Matl (Administrator)

Seasons of Change

My favorite movie growing up was Mary Poppins. If you have seen it perhaps you can recall the scene where the wind shifts and changes direction. Things become quite chaotic and you get the feeling that impending doom is near. As I write this, I can almost hear the wind howling at us, and my mind's eye can see the doors flying open, and people scrambling to not be taken up in the storm. But this moment of change, which seems so scary and so uncertain, brings in with it a ray of hope, and in swoops Mary Poppins with her spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.

This is where I see all of us, as we have continued to support and advocate for our families. The wind changed direction and we swooped in. YOU swooped in, and I am in awe of each and every one of you! In a time when our own lives were so uncertain, we rose to the challenge and went with the season of change to ensure that our families continued to receive services and support. You took a training, perhaps learned an entire new system (all while doing e-learning with your own children) in order to provide live video visits for your families. I firmly believe that this season of change will bring about a most positive and lasting impact on EI, and us the developmental therapists. We have the opportunity to be the Trail Blazers in really harnessing in on our coaching skills to provide families with services that align to best practice. While I know change can be a tricky thing, I also know that we as DT's have the capacity to rise up and continue to meet the needs of the families we love and service in new and innovative ways. Always remember who we are, we are the global therapist, we represent excellence, education, and advocacy. While change may come, these foundational truths remain, and we at the IDTA are committed to supporting you in your role as a superhero, aka DT extraordinaire! #togetherwearestronger #idtastrong

Jen Matl

IDTA President 


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